Sometimes It is Not a Mental Illness

After reading a blog on Adverse Childhood Experiences (, I felt the need to clarify that not all behavioral problems stem from a mental illness. There are situations where life circumstance whether under our control or not can cause symptoms of a mental illness but actually may be a reaction to their environment. For me, ...

Seeking Outside Help for Your Child Can be Scary

Deciding to get outside help for your child’s behaviors can be a surprisingly difficult decision. Not only do we worry about the stigma of seeing a therapist or psychiatrist, we also worry about placing ourselves under a microscope to be evaluated and judged as a parent. I would like to let you know that you ...

You Are Not Alone

Hello, My name is Tricia. I am the proud mom of two amazing young men. My youngest son was always a very energetic and highly reactive child. Life with him was often like a roller coaster ride. He had to work very hard to learn how to manage his emotions and behaviors. By the time ...


Stop the hate!

Just because someone is voting for a person you disagree with does not mean that person holds all of the same views as that candidate . Don’t make the mistake of judging and losing friends based upon that belief.  Here is what I have to say to my friends : It saddens me how vicious ...


Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 3- Values

“Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can a theistic Sunday School’s meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fract… Source: Why Should We Homeschool?- Part 3- Values


Not Sure How to Homeschool? When in Doubt, Just Read!

One thing that most moms have in common, despite differences in any other areas of life, is a lack of confidence. Too often we doubt our abilities to be adequate parents. Raising children who will … Source: Not Sure How to Homeschool? When in Doubt, Just Read!


Have you ever had your teen say, “You just don’t want me to have any fun?” As our children move into their teens, it can start to feel like we are on opposite sides. They seem to see us as the opposition rather than as the person who always has their back even when we ...


Exploring the Truth Behind Homeschool Myths

Yep. It’s time to address those pesky homeschool myths again. Source: Exploring the Truth Behind Homeschool Myths

The Reason It Is So Important to Tell Your Teen You Love Them in a Random Way Throughout the Day:

The Reason It Is So Important to Tell Your Teen You Love Them in a Random Way Throughout the Day:

Elegant: Daily Post Writing Prompt

Elegant: Daily Post Writing Prompt Don’t we all wish to be that elegant mom that you see on TV, but instead we are messy hair, jeans, and a T? But you know what? That is okay. Our children do not care about our hair or our clothes as we clean their runny nose, or push ...

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