Do You Struggle with Anxiety but Try and Hide It from Your Kids? Here is why I believe you shouldn’t.


As humans, it is perfectly normal to feel anxious. Some of us may feel it more than others, but we all feel it. I believe we can use our moments of anxiousness to teach our kids that it is not only normal but it can also be useful. It can help us not jump headlong into a dangerous situation. It can make us study harder for a test etc.

When you are feeling anxious and talk your feelings with your child you are helping them to know that it is okay to have those feelings and that they are manageable. You can teach them how you have learned to manage your anxiety by deep breathing, going for a walk, taking a hot bath etc. By sharing your experiences and then modeling coping skills this will teach your children how to accept and manage their own anxiety.

If you do not have a healthy way of managing anxiety, I have provided links below to some helpful sites. Anxiety in kids has increased exponentially in our society. It is important for us to have and model healthy coping skills so that our children are prepared to manage their anxiety and hopefully not ever get to the point of it being too overwhelming for them that they are crippled by it.

Not to be confused with burdening our kids with our feelings and concerns. Please use your best judgment before sharing with your child.




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