The Importance of Evidenced Based Therapy for Your Child

It is important to know and understand what type of therapy your child’s clinician is trained in and utilizes. Not all therapies are created equal, so you should try and find a clinician who uses evidenced-based therapies of which there are many. There are people who are in therapy much longer than necessary because the approach being used just doesn’t work.

I wish we had known about the different types of therapies available. Although my son had some very caring clinicians, they were not very effective. It just wasn’t the care he needed. By the time I had learned about these EBT, he was old enough to decide that he wasn’t going to go anymore. But the clinician that I did find by searching for someone specifically trained in DBT was very good. He was well educated in various EBT’s he was also very intuitive. I wish my son had stuck it out with him.

What types are out there? For starters, there are CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT Dialectical behavioral therapy, BSFT (brief strategic family therapy), and MDT (mode deactivation therapy, just to name a few.  There are many options out there so do your homework and see what you think would be a good fit

I believe a family component is always necessary and was sorely missing in my son’s care. No matter how great your family is, it can be thrown into chaos and dysfunction when trying to handle atypical child behaviors that often push us past what we feel we can handle. This frequently causes a cycle of behaviors and misunderstandings that make it very difficult for our children to recover. They often times feel ostracized by their parents and siblings. But in order to make progress, they have to feel loved and accepted in their homes. Remember this does not make you a bad parent if this has happened in your home. We can only learn and do the best that we can. Also, when each member of the family understands the struggle your child is going through, it can create a much more supportive environment for them.

I have provided links below to full descriptions of the therapies listed here. This is only a very small list of what is available. Do your due diligence and make sure that the clinician you choose is highly skilled and trained in an evidenced based therapy.


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