Elegant: Daily Post Writing Prompt

Elegant: Daily Post Writing Prompt

Don’t we all wish to be that elegant mom that you see on TV, but instead we are messy hair, jeans, and a T? But you know what? That is okay. Our children do not care about our hair or our clothes as we clean their runny nose, or push them high into the air, or race them up the stairs. No, they just care that we are there, that we will roll on the floor or swing them as they yell for more. They just want a mom who is willing to be all that she can be just for them just because they are amazing.

  1. Yes! I barely get a bra on most days, but luckily the kids haven’t noticed Hahaha However, if I put a pair of jeans on- my 5 yr old asks where I’m going and my 2 yr old puts his shoes on in a hurry;-)

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