The ten best things about homeschooling:


  1. You as the parent are in charge, so you know exactly what they need to be doing. Do you remember coming home with homework, and when your parent tried to help, you just became more confused because it’s nothing like what the teacher said. Or those times the teacher said ignore those directions just scratch it out because I want you to do it this way… But by the time you got home, you couldn’t remember what the new directions were. This will not be a barrier in your home. You know exactly what you are asking for and are better able to guide them along. Ultimately, I found homeschooling much easier than helping with public school homework.
  2. Sometimes children are in a hurry to get done with their work and miss out on the learning experience because once they turn the work in to the teacher that’s it. With homeschooling, you have the opportunity to give the work back for needed corrections. So, if your child rushed through math yesterday, today they get rework for any problems missed-because they still need to learn it- and the current work for the day. If my kids had missed a lot and really didn’t seem to understand the whole assignment, we would just focus on yesterday’s work. You have that flexibility to take the time to make sure they have learned the material.
  3. If I didn’t know something, I had the luxury of having the teacher’s manual, or I could Google it. You do not have to know everything to be able to homeschool. Sometimes you will be refreshing on something you have long forgotten or you might be learning a whole new way to look at it. All of this in a one on one setting actually helps in the learning process because you are able to look at it from their level a little bit easier than on the things that just come naturally to you.
  4. Being able to follow their interests, gives so much more to the experience. One of the things that my eldest son knows really well was something we learned together before it was even part of his studies simply because he wanted to collect rocks. So we went to the library and the book store and got books on rocks and minerals. We learned everything that we could so that he could classify his rocks. While on a scouting field trip, the lecturer was talking with the boys about the various forms of rocks and minerals, and my son was the only one that knew all of the answers. The scout leader looked at me and said that I must be a great teacher. But it wasn’t that; it was his interest, and I just went with it and helped him gather the information.
  5. Working at your child’s pace along with their style of learning. You can do school outside or inside, all day or half. You can take extra time if a discussion is going really well in science or history that day and make up math work later. You are in charge of the schedule, and the goal is to facilitate learning not push them from subject to subject.
  6. Taking the field trips that you want to take. If you hear about something cool, you can just take off on an adventure for the day and leave everything else for another day. Also, you get to do things when it’s not busy. I always loved to take a long lunch and take the kids sledding while the hills weren’t packed.
  7. When you are out and about you can change anything into a lesson. Are they learning about money? The best place to practice that is at the store.
  8. Very rarely do they need a sick day. When they are homeschooled, they can still do their school work most of the time. Maybe you make it some of the easier stuff, but it doesn’t have to be skipped all together.
  9. On cold days in the Midwest, it is a wonderful feeling to get to cuddle up together with covers in front of a fire to do school work.
  10. And the absolute best part of homeschooling is those aha moments! The moments when you have worked and worked on something and you see it just clicks. These are moments you can celebrate together that you would have missed if they were being taught by someone else.

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