Why Home Schooling is a Viable Option:

When my oldest son was about fifteen months old, my husband and I met a mother who home schooled her eight year old son. The eight year old seemed so mature and polite for his age. So, my husband and I knowing we really didn’t want our son to go to public school decided to give it a shot. When he was almost three, I began doing the research. What I found strengthened our desire to home school. There was such a wealth of information and tools available that even as he got older, I would still be able to continue. There are curriculum that tell you what to teach and how to teach it. There are video lessons and support just a phone call away. But you might be surprised at how much you can do on your own when you have the answers already. Somethings you may need to relearn as you go, but I think that helps you to teach. There were studies showing that the average home schooled student outperforms their average public school peers on standardized tests. There was a study done on social skills which showed that on average home schooled students had better social skills. This was because they are learning proper behavior from adults much more than from their peers. And it’s a misconception that they are not socialized. Most home schooled students are involved in many extracurricular activities. They are often part of a home school group that has classes for every subject including P.E. There are groups like the scouts, church, youth groups, swim lessons, 4-H… And if they may seem a little less jaded than their public school counter parts, it shouldn’t be mistaken for lack of maturity. They have just been given extra time to be their age. They are able to learn at their rate not a rate determined by the majority of the class. If they are learning something quickly, great let’s keep going. If they are struggling with a topic, let’s take it a little slower. My favorite thing was that the work wasn’t about a grade; it was about learning. They do the work until they understand and get it right. If they rush through math, they aren’t able to just turn it in and be done. They are given it back to do rework on problems that they got wrong. Public schools just do not have the time and resources to do things this way. This is not a bash on public school teachers. They have their work cut out for them and are asked to a job that is increasingly harder to accomplish. I would just like to add that one of my biggest frustrations while homeschooling was the people who had all sorts of harsh opinions without having done the research that I had done. Let’s quit judging others for their choices. We all have to make the best decisions we can for our families with the time and resources that we have.

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