Enjoy Spending Time as a Couple: #parenting #momlife #marriedwithchildren

It is funny that when I decided to write this blog it was because I thought I would have all sorts of things to share which I do I just can’t think of them. So I went trolling the internet and found an article about couples becoming less happy after having children. This is in part to the way we are in society today with having to do so much with our kids that it leaves little time for us as couples.

This is something that I can relate to quite well. My husband and I did everything together with our children. On vacation, they were there, out to eat, they were there, go bowling … You get the idea. We thought this was exactly the way it should be in order to have a happy family, and we enjoyed it. We even had friends that did things the same way, so we would have family trips and outings together. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying not to do these things. I’m just saying maybe there was a little too much focus on our kids and not enough on ourselves.

Then we became friends with another couple that also did things as a family, but they prioritized time together as well. Through this couple we realized the importance of alone time together. So we began to have day trips, dinner out with just the two of us, even just a trip to the store alone was great.

Now that we are almost empty nesters with our 17 year old coming up on 18 in just a few short months, we are extremely grateful for having learned the importance of maintaining our identity as a couple. We are happier and closer now than we ever were. We still have ups and downs; those don’t go away but neither does our connection to one another. And in case you were wondering, we have been married for 25 years. So take time together just the two of you, and remember to appreciate what it is you love about each other.

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