One Simple Thing to Make Your Next Outing More Manageable: #parentingtips #parents #momlife

Often times we seem to expect our children to know exactly what is expected of them in any given situation, even though, we are not always sure how we are meant to act in new environments.

When we take our kids to a new place, it is helpful to give them a clear understanding of what to expect and our expectations for them while there.

I know for me, this worked wonders with my kids. Even a trip to the grocery store would go much better with reminders on the way there about what we do and do not do in the store. Such as we do not climb on the shelves or lie on the floor. Yes my children sometimes had to be reminded of such things. Apparently to some children the store looks like a huge obstacle course full of jungle gyms. And no matter how helpful it was, I still often forgot to use it in my rush to get somewhere. But when I remembered, it made all the difference in the world for not only me but for them as well. Probably some of you are already using this technique, but if you are not, give it a try and see how much more manageable your day will be.

Nobody likes to go where they are unsure of the social etiquette involved. So I would imagine children would not welcome this either. Even children can have social anxieties which can lead to behavior problems in new unexpected settings. By giving them a clear idea of our expectations, they will be more comfortable and able to manage themselves more appropriately. All by being given the right information ahead of time.


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