What I love about the new approach to discipline:

I worked for a short time at a local daycare center. During my interview, I was asked if I knew anything about conscious discipline. I had never heard of it before, so as soon as I was home, I began looking it up on the internet. What I found was so exciting! These were many of the principles that I had tried to use with my own children. With conscious discipline it is more about getting down to your child’s level and understanding the whole picture, then teaching them how to better manage their behavior by also being able to better manage their emotions. It’s about teaching empathy and self-control. It also gives them a sense of ownership in their decisions by giving them choices. But this was just the tip of the ice berg. The real power behind this program is the focus on changing ourselves and the way that we view our child’s behavior. Through research and child development studies, they explain where your child is developmentally at any given age. It’s about becoming aware of our own triggers and learning to manage ourselves. And let’s face it there are days that we lack the self-control that we want our children to maintain. Imagine being able to identify your own triggers in order to circumvent them all together. Conscious discipline also teaches us mindfulness techniques to pass along to our kids. No matter your view on punishment vs. discipline, who doesn’t want to be calmer and teach those skills to your own children? This would give us more peaceful moments of connection with our children. I don’t know about you, but those moments of being fully present and having heartfelt connections are the best moments for me. If you have any interest in learning more about the amazing program, follow the link below. I hope you find it as enthralling as I did. I wish I had known about this when my children were growing up.


#parenting #child development #discipline

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