So what makes you Super Mom?

So what makes you Super Mom? In my opinion, there isn’t a single qualified Super Mom as determined by today’s unrealistic standards. So, I say we redefine what Super Mom really stands for.

Super Mom can be the woman that knows she is flawed and searches for information with which to educate herself so that she can grow and learn to be the best mom she can be. She is the mom up all night with a crying baby, and when she can’t take anymore, she wakes the father or calls her mother for help so that she can get some much-needed rest. Or maybe she doesn’t have anyone to help her, so she goes to another room and turns on the music tuning out the cries for a little while so that she can gather the strength to go back and hold and coo to her baby some more. Super Mom may be at work all day and come home at night exhausted but trying to not let it show as she sits down to dinner with her family and smiles and listens to the stories from their day. Maybe some nights, she just doesn’t have the patience and energy it takes to do that, instead, she declares it a movie night, and they take their food to the living room and just watch a movie together. Or horror above all horrors, she may not even be able to do that. So she runs a hot bath and reads a book while soaking in the tub while everyone fends for themselves.

So what really makes a super mom is the dedication to do what she needs to do whether that is rock their baby all night, take a break so she can regain her calm and strength to be able to dive back into the fray. And sometimes she gets to do it just as she imagined, by sitting down and playing games or reading a bedtime story. Those are the best days, days that Super Mom feels… well super. Super Mom you don’t have to be perfect. Just by being the best that you can be will have to be enough because you can only do what you can do.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I think every mom should read this! In today’s society, there is so much pressure to be the perfect mom, but it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world. There is a lot of judgement that goes around and we need to build each other up, because Lord knows we all have our struggles.



    1. Thanks Teah. Hopefully we will be able do that here.



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