How Teens Find Their Identity

“According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, the self is a process” (Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas, 2014). This means that we continually take in the information around us such as to the perceived opinion of others about who they think we are. Do they seem to think we are cool, uncool, funny, not so much? Their ...


It is when your child is the hardest to love that they need it the most.

We all desire love and acceptance from our family, these are basic human needs. We need to feel worthy and that we belong somewhere. Does your child truly feel they belong to your family? Do they believe that they are loved and cherished even at their worst? Try to look at events from your child’s ...

The Importance of Record Keeping

By keeping records of our children's care, we can help them receive better care along the way.

Getting Help for Your Child’s Mental Health Struggles

It can be difficult to know where to go for your child’s mental health problems. Here I will give you information that will get you and your child on the right path. If you have not already had your child evaluated, you should make an appointment with a child psychologist. It should be a psychologist/therapist/LCPC/psychiatrists ...

You Need a Support Team

Finding the right people to include in your child’s care and support team can be like getting central air in the dead heat of an Arizona summer. These people can bring some much-needed air for you and your child to be able to breathe again. There were many decisions that I made that I now ...

Let Go of Your Guilt and Come Out of the Darkness:

Originally posted on parentingforgoodmentalhealth.com:
I have only just recently come out of a pretty dark place. I felt as though I didn’t even have the energy to just exist day to day moment to moment. It was a place where I could not even empathize with the pain I would leave behind if I…


New information on Self-care

via Fight Burnout and Compassion Fatigue With Lots of Self-care Ideas

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